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Let chatters select dates using the Date Picker app


The Date Picker app presents chatters with an interactive calendar and prompts them to select a date. The date they select is saved as a variable. The interactive calendar lets your chatters benefit from an intuitive interface, and provides you with a date in a standardized format.

Use the Date Picker app

Add the Date Picker to your Answers at the point where you want your chatters to choose a date. When the chatter encounters the Date Picker block, they see an easy to use calendar graphic from which they can select a date. Each instance of the Date Picker in your Answer creates a single variable with a single date. Add a separate Date Picker block for each additional date you wish to capture from your chatters.

Example: You wish to capture a date range from your chatter. Use one Date Picker block to capture the start date for the range. Use a second Date Picker block to capture the end date.

Configure the Date Picker block

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Build > Answers and select an Answer to edit or create a new one.

  2. Open the block drawer and drag and drop the Date Picker block into the Answer editor.

  3. Customize the Message Text, Button Label, and Invalid Response for your use case.

  4. Click the Configuration drop-down menu and select an option from the list. Use the following table as a guide when configuring your option.

    Date Format

    Adds a Date Format Field.

    • Use the Date Format field to customize the format for the captured date. See the Date Formatting Guide for help with formatting syntax.

    Format Examples

    • YYYY-MM-DD — 2021-05-18 (default format)

    • MM-DD-YYYY — 05-18-2021

    • dddd, MMMM Do YYYY — Tuesday, May 18th 2021

    • dddd [the] Do [of] MMMM — Tuesday the 18th of May

    Start Date/End Date

    Adds a Start/End Date field.

    • Use these fields to set the earliest and latest dates in a date range that the chatter can choose from.

    • Format Dates as YYYY-MM-DD, or use a supported phrase to set a date relative to today.

    Supported Phrases

    • Today

    • Tomorrow

    • Yesterday

    • (x) days before

    • (x) days after

    • (x) weeks before

    • (x) weeks after

  5. Click the Save Response as Variables drop-down and select your desired formats for the date selected by the chatter. The block reveals:

    • Selected Date — 2021-05-18

    • Selected Date - Localized — May 18, 2021

  6. Click Choose a Variable set a variable to capture each selected date format.

  7. Click Save.

You're done! Your Date Picker block is now configured to show your chatters an easy to use calendar for selecting dates.

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