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Control how many users see your AI Agent

In some cases, you may want to have your default chat button visible to only a certain percentage of users. This can be useful if you're still working on your AI Agent, and want to do some testing with a portion of your audience before releasing it to all of your visitors. You might also be transitioning your website from one virtual agent to another, and want to do it in stages. You can do all this by adjusting your rollout percentages in your AI Agent's settings.

Before you begin setting rollout percentages

Before setting your AI Agent's rollout percentages, here are some things you should understand:

  • These settings only affect how often chatters see AI Agents that load automatically when the page loads. They don't affect on-demand embed methods, social media channels, third-party SDKs, or methods that bypass the default chat button to launch your AI Agent.

    For example, if you've used the Ada Embed Directory to make your AI Agent load every time a user clicks a custom button, it will load every time any user clicks that button, regardless of what the rollout percentage for that AI Agent is. In this case, if you want to reduce the number of users who see that button, you'll have to use code on your website to make that button visible to only a percentage of your users.

  • You can split your customers by percentage into not seeing any AI Agent, seeing the current AI Agent, seeing a second AI Agent, or any combination of the three. If your percentages are split, Ada rolls a virtual dice with your probability percentages to assign each customer a category when they first load the page. Customers then stay in that category until either they clear their cookies, or you change the percentage for any AI Agent to 100%. If you change your percentages in the middle of the rollout (e.g,. increasing an AI Agent's visibility from 20% to 50% to customers), those new percentages only affect customers that Ada hasn't already assigned a group.

  • If the two AI Agents have different customer persistence settings, those settings will apply for each AI Agent.

  • If you're rolling out multiple AI Agents and use the Zendesk Messaging handoff, you can only use that handoff for one AI Agent at a time. For the second AI Agent, we recommend using a non-Zendesk handoff until your transition is complete.

  • The two AI Agents use the same Embed2 script.

    • Both AI Agents use the embed from the AI Agent you put your rollout settings in. This means that any metavariables that would load for your first AI Agent automatically load for your second one as well, and that you can't set any metavariables to only load for the second AI Agent.

    • If you're using the npm package version of Embed2, make sure you're using v1.7.0 or newer.

Preview a different AI Agent on your website

If you want to progressively roll out a second AI Agent, you can start by previewing the second AI Agent on your website. To do this, make sure your AI Agents meet the following criteria:

  • Your current AI Agent is already launched and live on a webpage.

  • In both AI Agents' approved domains, at least one domain is common between the two AI Agents so they can load.

  • As a best practice, don't configure duplicate launch settings in your second AI Agent. If you do, Ada will ignore those settings and follow the settings in your current AI Agent instead.

With the above configurations in place, you can preview your AI Agent.

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Channels > Web chat, then go to the Launch controls tab.

  2. Under Launch controls, in the New Ada subdomain field, enter the subdomain for the AI Agent you want to preview. If it's a valid subdomain, a preview section appears.

  3. In the preview section, you can enter a URL where your first AI Agent is already embedded, so you can preview what it will look like when your second AI Agent appears on that same page. Then, you can use the buttons to either copy the preview URL or open the page in a new tab.

  4. Click Save. As long as the new AI Agent is set to be shown to 0% of your customers, your AI Agent remembers its subdomain for the future when you're ready to launch it.

Change your AI Agents's rollout percentages

To change the percentage of users on your site who see your AI Agent, or to start rolling out a second AI Agent, follow these steps:

  1. If you're using these settings to roll out a second AI Agent, make sure your setup meets the criteria for previewing it above.

  2. On the Ada dashboard, go to Channels > Web chat, then go to the Launch controls tab.

  3. Under Launch controls, enter the percentages for each case:

    • Customers who never see a chat button load on your website

    • Customers who see your current AI Agent

    • Customers who see your second AI Agent

    The sum of all of your percentages must be 100% to save your launch settings.

  4. Click Save.

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at .