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Improve your bot's responses by viewing past conversations


This feature is only available for bots that have generative content sourced from a knowledge base.

After connecting your bot to your knowledge base and configuring Guidance and Actions, you might want to know how your bot uses those inputs to automatically resolve your chatters' inquiries. You can go into your bot's conversation history to see a full record of how your bot responded to chatters, and use that information to fine tune your bot.

Find and filter conversations

By default, your Conversations view shows all conversations chatters have had with your bot. You can search or filter for specific criteria to narrow down your conversations.

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Insights > Conversations.

  2. If necessary, search for specific keywords, or use the filters to narrow down the conversations that appear in the list.

    • To filter conversations by automatic resolution classification, click All. Then, select or clear the boxes beside Resolved, Not Resolved, and Not in Sample to control which conversations appear.

    • To filter conversations by when they occurred, click the calendar and either select a default time frame or choose your own dates within the last 180 days. Then, click Apply to see conversations that occurred in your chosen date range.

    • To apply additional filters, click the Filter button conversations-filter-icon.png.

      1. In the Select filter type list, select a filter type. You can filter by browser, conversation topic, whether the conversation was engaged, handoffs, language, or a specific variable.

      2. By default, searches default to using = Is as the operator to return exact matches to your query. Depending on the filter type, you can click the = list to select a different operator.

      3. In the Value box, enter a value to search for.

      4. Click Apply.

  3. Select a conversation in the conversation library to read through the entire transcript.

    If you want to read more conversations from the chatter in an open conversation, under their name, you can click the number of conversations to change your filter to conversations your bot had with them.

Learn about how your bot used knowledge content, Actions, and Guidance

In conversations where your bot searched your knowledge base for content or ran an Action, you can see a record of its decisions to get some insight behind its reasoning.

  • If your bot searched your knowledge base:

    1. You can see the search term that your bot used to search for knowledge, and the article snippets that it retrieved. For more information on the content retrieval process, see Understand how your bot generates content from your knowledge base.

    2. Out of the snippets the bot retrieved, you can see the information your bot used to generate a response to address the chatter's inquiry.

  • If your bot ran an Action:

    • You can see whether the Action ran successfully, the data that your bot sent to the API, and the data the API sent back to your bot.

Additionally, if you expand the Details pane on the right side of the screen, under Guidance considered, you can see a list of Guidance that was active during the conversation and that your bot may have considered.

With this information, you can fine tune your knowledge base content, Actions, and Guidance to better address your chatters' inquiries.

Customize how bot events appear in conversations

By default, your bot includes all knowledge base searches and generations, all Actions, and all variable value changes in the context of a conversation. If you want to focus on conversation content instead, you can hide these behind-the-scenes messages in the Conversations view.


These settings may depend on how your bot is configured. If you need assistance, contact your Ada team.

  1. Above the conversation, click the Message visibility button conversations-toggle-message-visibility.png.

  2. In the list that appears, choose to show or hide either type of message:

    • Reasoning steps: knowledge base searches, generated content using knowledge snippets, Actions

    • System messages: all variable value changes

View further details about the conversation

If you expand the Details pane of the conversation, you can also see:

  • Whether the conversation was included in your bot's sample for calculating its automated resolution rate, and if so, whether the conversation was classified as Resolved. For more information, see Understand and improve your bot's automated resolution rate

  • All of the Guidance that was active at the time of the conversation, regardless of whether your bot took the Guidance into account while generating responses. For more information, see Customize your bot's generative content with Guidance.

  • Meta variables about the chatter and the technology they were using, in case you need those details for troubleshooting.