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Test your AI Agent

With testing, you can interact with your AI Agent just like your customers would, replicating their experiences and seeing how your AI Agent responds to inquiries.

Get started with testing

Once you've connected your knowledge base to your AI Agent, you can get started with testing.

  1. From the lower left-side panel of your Ada dashboard, click Test.

    The Ada Web Chat launches.

  2. Type a message in the chat and press Enter to see how your AI Agent responds.

  3. Continue to test your AI Agent with various messages and inquiries.

Open the test chat in a new window or another browser

To open the test chat in a new window or another browser, click the More options icon .

  • Open in a new window

    Open the test chat in a new window.

  • Copy URL

    Copy the test URL to your clipboard. You can use this URL to test your AI Agent in any browser window, even if you're not logged into Ada.


    Before you launch your AI Agent, share the test URL and get feedback from stakeholders across your organization!

Impersonate different user types

If you've tailored your basic dialog or Action content to different users based on the variables associated with them, you can set those variables in your test chat and verify that you're getting the responses you expect.


You can't simulate user types using sensitive variables.

  1. In the test chat, click the User icon beside the top of the test chat.

  2. Then, in the Set test variables window that opens, set the variables corresponding to the user type you'd like to test, and start chatting with your AI Agent.

    If you start typing a variable value, you can see a list of values from previous conversation data. For example, if you're using the region variable, any values stored in region from previous conversations will appear as options. You can click one of these options to select it, or continue typing to enter a different value.

Reset or end your test chat

Click the Refresh icon to reset your test chat. The chat will reset according to how you've set up your persistence settings. Check out Customer Persistence to learn more about persistence.

When you are done testing and ready to return to your dashboard, click anywhere outside the test chat to exit.

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at .