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Ada release notes

Welcome to Ada's release notes. Scroll down to see a list of recent releases, or go to our list of tags to filter release notes by topic.

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Improvements to your AI Agent's generated topics

We've released several improvements for your AI Agent's automatically generated conversation topics:

  • We've improved the technology your AI Agent uses to automatically assign conversations into topics. Now, your generated topics are more accurate and specific.
  • We've removed the requirement for your AI Agent to have at least 2,000 conversations before assigning conversation topics.
  • You can now create topic categories to organize your topics into similar themes.
  • In the Conversations view, you can now reassign conversations to a different topic.
  • We've improved the look and feel to make your topics easier to manage, including adding a timestamp so you can see when the most recent conversation in a topic happened.

For full documentation, see Review and analyze conversation topics. If you can't see these improvements in your AI Agent's dashboard, reach out to your Ada representative to get started.