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CSAT survey improvements

In all generative AI Agents and scripted bots, you can now configure two new settings in your CSAT surveys:

  • Optional 10-point numeric scale: You can now configure surveys about both AI Agents and human agents to be on a 10-point scale, in addition to the existing 5-point and binary scales.

  • Non-Ada Glass handoff logic: Previously, when customers got handed off using a handoff method that didn't use an Ada Glass integration, bots would assume the conversation was ended and show customers a CSAT survey.

    We've improved the logic in this scenario, so customers will no longer see a survey before the end of their conversation.

Additionally, after releasing some CSAT survey improvements to generative AI Agents earlier this month, we're happy to release those same updates to scripted bots too.

The improvements we're bringing into scripted bots include:

  • Trigger customization: You can now configure the CSAT survey to trigger independently:
    • when customers close the chat window when conversing with the AI agent
    • when the conversation with a human agent has concluded
  • Question customization: Tailor the CSAT, resolution, and additional comments questions according to your needs, including the ability to define the question in each enabled language.
  • Question ordering: Gain the flexibility to customize the order in which the questions appear, tailoring the survey flow to match your specific requirements.
  • Question requirement settings: Designate each question as Required or Optional, providing greater control over the survey experience.

For more details, visit our help docs on CSAT for generative AI Agents and scripted bots.