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Provide callers choice using the Quick Replies block in Voice

We're excited to announce that, starting today, you can now use the Quick Reply block to help resolve phone conversations. Just like in the messaging channel, you can use the Quick Reply block to provide your caller with choices at the end of a flow.

When a caller reaches a Quick Reply block:

  • The different Quick Reply options will be read out to the caller
  • The caller can select one of the options by saying it (they don't need to say it exactly as read - we use fuzzy matching to help make a match!)
  • The caller's choice directs them to a new, relevant Answer flow
  • If we can't match what the callers says to one of the Quick Reply options, the bot will instead respond to what the caller says like a normal utterance

The Quick Reply block is handy in voice if you want to provide callers with a menu of suggested options, but also want callers to have the flexibility to ask something else altogether.

For more information, see Use Quick Replies and List Option blocks for voice conversations.