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Send emails using the Email app


The Email app enables your bot to send emails automatically. Use this app to create a basic email handoff Answer for your chatters. The block allows you to customize your handoff email as you see fit.

How the Email app works

All emails sent using the Email block originate from Ada, and show an Ada email address as the sender email. You must specify a separate reply-to email address—Ada does not handle email replies from your chatters. You can also customize the sender name, reply-to name, and more.


Use the Email app block

The Email app block is located under Action Apps in the Ada dashboard block drawer. Drag and drop the block in your Answer, at the point where you want the email process to occur.


Use a Capture block before the Email app block to collect the chatter's email address.

Configure the Email app block

  1. From the Select Action drop-down menu, select Send Email.

  2. In the Select Variables for Inputs section, complete the mandatory variable fields using the following table as a guide.

    Recipient Email(s)

    Add the primary recipient email address. You can add the email variable, or manually enter the recipient's email address. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

    Reply-To Email

    Enter the Reply-to email address you wish to assign to receive replies to your email.

    Email Subject

    Enter the email subject. The text in this field populates the email subject line.

    Email Content

    Enter the body text of the email. This is your emails actual message content.

  3. Click the Select Optional Inputs drop-down menu, then select any optional variables you'd like to add.

    BCC Email(s)

    Add blind carbon copy recipient email addresses. BCC addresses are not visible to the other recipients.

    CC Email(s)

    Add secondary recipient email addresses. These addresses are visible to the other recipients.

    Content Type

    Currently, the Email block only supports the text/plain MIME type. We'll add support for additional MIME types in the future.

    Reply-To Name

    Enter the name of the Reply-to recipient.

    Sender Name

    Enter the name of the email sender. This appears in the From field.

  4. Click the Fallback Answer drop-down menu, and select an Answer to act as a fallback response to show the chatter should the Email app encounter an error.

  5. Click Save. The Email block is now configured to send emails to your chatters.


Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at