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Understand the settings chatters can control

When chatters are interacting with your bot, they can click the Settings icon to customize their Ada experience on their end. Use this topic to understand which settings chatters can change on your bot, and how you can manage Ada's default behavior.

Turn sound on or off

By default, when chatters get a message from your bot, a sound plays. Chatters have the option to turn the sounds on and off on their end, but in Settings > Bot Setup > Bot Customization > General > Functionality, you can toggle the Enable sound by default option to change your bot's default behaviour.

Change language

If your bot is set to support multiple languages, chatters can click Change language and manually select one of those languages. If they don't select a language, the bot tries to automatically detect the language they're using. For more information, see Support multiple languages in the same bot.

If your bot is only set to support one language, this option is unavailable.

Access chat transcripts

If you have enabled chat transcripts, this is the menu chatters use to either email or download their transcripts. For more information, see Allow chatters to access chat transcripts.

These options are only available if you allow chatters to email or download their transcripts.