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Serve time-specific content using the Scheduled block


The Scheduled Block allows you to set a date and time range for the bot to deliver a specific response.

The Scheduled Block identifies two states:

  • The first state is Yes (i.e. the question is within the schedule).

  • The second state is No (i.e. the question is outside the schedule).

Configuring Schedules

Before you set up a Scheduled Block, you will need to configure a schedule.

The bot compares the date and time of a user’s question to the date and time range defined in a schedule. If the question occurs within the date and time range, the bot will respond with the Yes response. If the question occurs outside the date and time range, the bot will respond with the No response.

How to configure a schedule

  1. Click Settings in the options panel on the Ada dashboard. The Settings view displays.

  2. Click the Schedules tab. The Schedules page displays.

  3. Click New. The New Recurring Schedule window opens.

  4. Complete the following fields in the New Recurring Schedule window to configure the schedule:

    Schedule Name

    Provide a unique name for your schedule.


    Select the time zone your schedule reflects.

    Repeat every

    Set the days and times of the schedule.

    Click Add a new rule to add additional ranges.


    ClickAdd an exception, then use the calendar to select dates the schedule should skip (ex. holidays)

  5. Click Save. Your new schedule is now available for selection in the Scheduled Block.

Using a Scheduled Block

Drag and drop a Scheduled Block into an Answer in the Answers View just as you would all other blocks. Nest other Response Blocks in the Scheduled Block to act as the Yes and No responses. Nested Blocks can be edited, reordered, or deleted as necessary.


You cannot add Operations Blocks to a Scheduled Block.

Three sections make up a Scheduled Block:

Within Schedule?Use this drop-down menu to select a schedule configuration.
YesUse this section for the response to a question asked within the scheduled date and time.
NoUse this section for the response to a question asked outside the scheduled date and time.

Configuring a Scheduled Block

  1. Click Build in the dashboard options panel. The Answers view displays.

  2. Select the Answer to which you wish to add the Scheduled Block.

  3. Open the Block Drawer, then drag and drop a Scheduled Block into the answer content section of the Answer.

  4. Select an available schedule from the Within Schedule drop-down menu.

  5. Drag and drop response blocks into the Yes and No fields.

  6. Add response content to the Response Blocks nested under Yes and No.

  7. Click Save. The completed Scheduled Block has now been added to your Answer.

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