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Use variables in Answers

Variables can be injected into any message or action block available in your Ada dashboard.

When you click into any message or action block, a list of available Variables populates under the text field.

Example: To insert a Variable within a Text block, click the spot within the text entry field where you want the Variable to appear. Then click the Variable you want to inject into the message.

Variables are not limited to Text and Shuffle messages, so be creative! Here are some other use cases to be mindful of when building out personalized Answers:

  1. You can collect chatter information and inject it into an API request URL through a Variable.

  2. You can pull images/graphics from an API and inject them into a picture message as a Variable.

  3. You can inject personal information into a URL to customize the page they land on.


Fallback text should be set for any Variable you inject into an HTTP Request URL or Link message, in case there is an error with the Variable.

Click the Variable in the Text Message, then fill out the fallback text in the pop-up that appears.

Putting it all together

Use these features together to create a customized bot that goes beyond static FAQ-based content. By collecting and using chatter information, you can provide a richer, more helpful experience.

Collect information three different ways

  • Capture blocks to ask chatters for information

  • Request blocks for pulling information from an API

  • setMetaField for passing stored chatter information from your backend to the bot

  • List Option Block to save the item(s) chatters select from a list of provided options

Collect this information to create Variables that represent stored data and inject it into Messages and Actions.

Variables and HTTP Requests are the basics of Personalization. You can create even more personalized conversations with additional features. Read about the possibilities with Personalization here.

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