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Embed Ada on your website

Installing Ada involves a little bit of JavaScript we call Embed2.

You add Embed2 to the HTML of your web based platforms. Instructions for a basic installation of the script is found right in your Ada dashboard. If you’re looking to set up Ada for Android, iOS, or React Native, you’ll be able to find the script there too.

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under Channels Integrations, beside Ada Web Chat, click Configure. The Configure Web Chat window opens.

  3. Click the Installation tab. The Embed2 basic installation information appears.

These basic bits of code are all you need to integrate your bot with your various platforms. There are also a variety of additional settings that you can add if you want to customize your integration.

Visit the Ada Embed Directory to learn about embedding Ada on your website and see various examples in action.

Our complete Embed2 documentation provides additional settings details, and advanced installation instructions for your technical team.

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at