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Control how many users see your bot

In some cases, you may want to have your default chat button visible to only a certain percentage of users. This can be useful if you're still working on your bot, and want to do some testing with a portion of your audience before using your bot with all of your visitors. You can do this by adjusting your rollout percentage in your bot's settings.


This setting only affects how often chatters see bots that load automatically when the page loads. It doesn't affect on-demand embed methods, or methods that bypass the default chat button to launch your bot.

For example, if you've used the Ada Embed Directory to make your bot load every time a user clicks a custom button, your bot will load every time any user clicks that button, regardless of what your rollout percentage is. In this case, if you want to reduce the number of users who see that button, you'll have to use code on your website to make that button visible to only a percentage of your users.

Change your bot's rollout percentage

To change the percentage of users on your site who see your bot, change this setting:

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under Channels Integrations, beside Ada Web Chat, click Configure. The Configure Web Chat window opens.

  3. Click the Functionality tab.

  4. Use the Rollout slider to select the percentage of site users who see your bot.

  5. Click Save.

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