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Get an overview on your bot's performance


Within the Measure View, there are two pages that you can access. This article will provide additional information on the Overview page. To learn more about the Reports page, please see Measure: Reports.

To access the Overview page, for insights into how your bot is performing:

  1. From within your Ada dashboard, click where it says Measure in the menu on the left.

  2. If you do not automatically arrive on the Overview page, click to select Overview from the list of Measure pages.

  3. Use the dropdown menu under Overview to select the date range for which you would like to have the data pulled.


Available Metrics

You will find that the metrics are displayed numerically, with graphical representations provided where appropriate. For each metric you will also see the percentage change from the previous date range. Please note that this data is updated every hour.

Within the Overview page you will have access to the following metrics:


What it shows

Conversations resulting in a handoff

The total number of conversations that were handed off to a human agent who serves the customer through a different support channel such as live chat or email. If a chatter is handed off to a support agent more than once in a conversation, this still counts as a single conversation resulting in a handoff.

If this value is 0, you may not be counting links as handoffs or you have bot integrated with a third-party support/ticketing solution. Learn more about handoffs.

Recognition Rate

The percentage of questions your bot was able to understand and answer. These are questions that the bot answered with confidence and in which no clarification was required.

You can improve your recognition rate by using best practices to train your bot. For more information, speak to your ACX consultant or account manager.

Engagement Rate

The percentage of conversations where a chatter launches the Ada chat, sees the Greeting message, and then continues to chat with the bot by sending at least one message or clicking on at least one quick reply button.

Top answers that result in handoffs

The answers that most often preceded a chatter's request for live support. To put it another way, the last answers provided to chatters before an answer that contains a handoff. Displayed as the percentage of total handoffs.

This list provides you with insight into where your chatters are getting stuck and why they may be escalating to a support agent.

Training opportunities

A list of answers that was almost provided to the chatter, but the bot was not confident enough to do so. The associated number next to each answer title will indicate how many time that particular answer was almost delivered, but was not.

You can choose to add additional training questions to some or all of the suggested questions in order to improve your recognition rate.

Clicking on one of the answers provided here as a training opportunity will take you to the Questions view and flag for you some possible questions that might be good contenders to train to this answer.

Most popular answers

A list of the answers that appear most frequently in conversations. This is based on total frequency for a given time period.

Knowing your most popular answers can help you plan additional content for your bot, support team, or website.

Containment Rate

The percentage of engaged conversations that did not result in a handoff to a human agent. This metric can be thought of as the percentage of engaged conversations that were fully automated, or as a "Self-Serve" rate.

If your containment rate is 100%, this may mean handoffs are disabled for your bot.

You can improve your containment rate by ensuring your bot has comprehensive content that addresses the majority of your chatter’s questions.

You may note that the containment rate on the analytics overview dashboard varies some from that displayed on the analytics conversations dashboard, this is because it is the total number of handoffs that is displayed on the conversations dashboard, whereas on the overview dashboard it is the total number of engaged conversations that contained handoffs (ie. a single engaged conversation could contain multiple handoffs).


Reports are in the time zone set in Your Profile.


Viewing your bot's data in the dashboard is recommended as it provides the best experience. If you need to print however, use the following recommendations to limit rendering issues.

  1. Set the Paper size to A3 (11-3/4 x 16-1/2 in) or Legal (8.5 x 14 in).

  2. Set Margins to Minimum.

  3. Under Options, toggle on Background graphics.

  4. If your Destination is Save as PDF, click Save. If your Destination is a printer, click Print.

For additional questions, contact your Ada team—or email us at