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Hand off chatters to live agents using the Zendesk Live Agent block


After you've configured Ada Glass for Zendesk, the next step is to add the Zendesk Live Agent block to any Answer in your Ada Dashboard where handing off to a live agent should take place.

For a refresher on how to configure Ada Glass for Zendesk, see Configure Ada Glass for Zendesk Chat.


Add the Zendesk Live Agent Block to an Answer

  1. Navigate to the Answers view in your Ada Dashboard and select the Answer where you would like a live chat hand off to occur.

  2. [Optional] In the Answer editor, add Capture blocks configured to capture the chatter's name, email address, and phone number.


    In order for the chatter's information to map to the correct fields on the Zendesk ticket, the variables you use to capture their name, email address, and phone number must be named exactly as they appear below:

    • name

    • email

    • phone

  3. Open the Answer block toolbar on the right hand side and drag and drop in the Zendesk Live Agent block.

  4. Choose a department in the Department dropdown. This department is where the bot will route to when a customer asks to speak to your Live Agents, so make sure it's an active one with agents assigned to it! As a reminder, if you are using Zendesk Agent Workspace you will be selecting a group from the dropdown menu. The field name will still say Department, but the dropdown menu will be populated with the groups you have configured in Zendesk Agent Workspace.

  5. Populate the tags section of the block, so you'll know where your chats generated and the theme (billing, tech support, etc.). We suggest at least using "ada" as a tag, so you can differentiate where chats started, if live chat is available in other channels besides Ada.

  6. Create an Off-Hours Answer for live chat to fall back to, if a customer is chatting with the bot and tries to speak to a live agent outside of your support hours.

  7. If you have Zendesk Authentication configured, enable it in your bot, so agents can identify authenticated chatters with a green checkmark overlay on the chatter’s Zendesk avatar.

    1. Toggle on Enable Authentication.

    2. Select an Authentication Error Answer from the drop-down menu to provide to chatters in the event of an authentication error.

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at