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Configure Zendesk handoffs for social media channels


With Zendesk Social Messaging in Ada, seamlessly hand-off conversations in social channels to your agents in Zendesk.


In order to configure Zendesk Social Messaging, you must have both a Sunshine Conversations and a Zendesk license. If you're using Zendesk Agent Workspace, you will also need to have Zendesk Chat enabled and linked to the same Zendesk instance being used for social messaging.

Configure Sunshine Conversations in Ada

Before you can enable Zendesk Social Messaging, you first need to enable the Sunshine Conversations integration in Ada. To learn how to configure Sunshine Conversations, please see this article.

Configure Zendesk Social Messaging in Ada

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. On the Integrations page, click Configure next to Zendesk Social Messaging. A configuration window appears asking you to authenticate your Sunshine Conversations account.

  3. Click Connect to begin and complete the authentication flow.


Configure Zendesk Social Messaging App in Zendesk

The last thing you need to do is configure the Zendesk Social Messaging App on your Zendesk dashboard.

  1. On the Zendesk dashboard, go to Settings.

  2. Under Apps, click Manage.

  3. Search for the Zendesk Social Messaging app in the Zendesk App Directory, and install it.

  4. Finally, connect with your Zendesk representative to link your Zendesk account with your Sunshine Conversations account.

Once your Sunshine Conversations account is linked to your Zendesk instance, the Zendesk Social Messaging configuration is complete.

Optional: Send Metadata to Zendesk Agent Workspace

If your organization uses Zendesk Agent Workspace, you can configure your Zendesk Social Messaging integration to route tickets to specific agent departments or groups, using variable names as tags. This will ensure that tickets will be sent to agents who are best equipped to provide the specific support needed. To configure, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Drag the Zendesk Social Messaging block into an Answer

  2. Select a specific Department in the Zendesk Social Messaging Block

  3. Add tags in Zendesk Social Messaging Block (optional)

  4. Zendesk Agent Workspace will populate the ticket with the department/group name and the optional tag information in the ticket.

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