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Let chatters book meetings using the Coconut Calendar app


The Book A Meeting app block uses the Coconut Calendar App to integrate your Coconut Calendar account with Ada! This integration lets your chatters book meetings or schedule appointments with your team directly through your bot.


Configure the Coconut Calendar App

Configuring the Coconut Calendar App happens right in the block. As with any Answer Block, drag and drop the Coconut Calendar block into the build workspace of the dashboard Answers view.


The available dates and timeslots the block displays depend on the availabilities you've set in your Coconut Calendar account.

  1. Complete the mandatory configuration fields.


    If you have not already done so, use Capture blocks to create variables with the chatter's email, first name, and last name before serving the chatter the Book A Meeting block. Remember, it is best practice to name the variables exactly as shown in the following table.

    Email Address

    Add the email variable.

    First Name

    Add the first_name variable.

    Last Name

    Add the last_name variable.

    Service ID

    Add a Coconut Service ID for the Coconut Service offered for this booking instance.


    The Coconut App Block references only one service at a time. To offer more than one service booking option to an Answer, add a unique block for each service instance.

    Location ID

    Add the ID of the booking event location.

    Coconut Calendar URL

    Add your Coconut Calendar dashboard URL.


  2. [Optional] Click the Select Optional Configurations drop-down menu, then select an option to add it to the block.

    Date Format

    Use this field to define how the date looks to a chatter. Otherwise, the default format is YYYY-MM-DD.

    Staff ID

    Add the ID of your team member with whom the meeting is being booked. If omitted, an eligible team member is selected at random.

  3. Click the Save Response as Variables drop-down menu and add the chatter selected meeting details you wish to capture.

    Selected Date

    The meeting date selected by the chatter.

    Selected Date - Localized

    The meeting date localized to the chatter's language.

    Selected Time Slot End

    The meeting end time.

    Selected Time Slot Start

    The meeting start time.

  4. Assign existing variables or create new variables to capture each of the meeting details you added in step 3.

  5. Click Save.

The Coconut Calendar block is now configured and ready to use.


Use the Coconut Calendar Block in an Answer

Now that you've configured the Coconut Calendar block, it's time to put it into action! Here are some pointers for using the Coconut Calendar app in an Answer:

  1. Start the booking process with a friendly telling the chatter what's going to happen next.

    Example: "I can book a meeting for you. I just need a bit of info from you."

  2. Use Capture Blocks to record the chatter information in the variables you added to the configuration fields.

  3. Place the Coconut Calendar next.

  4. Save the meeting date and time as variables in the block if you need to use the information for any process outside of the direct functionality of the block; otherwise, the Coconut Calendar app organizes everything you need to set up a meeting.

Chatter Experience

The chatter experience for Coconut Calendar app is straight forward and intuitive. They need only select a date from a calendar, and then an available timeslot for that day from a list.

Once the chatter completes entering all the required contact info via the capture blocks you set up, they :

  • The Coconut Calendar app displays a calendar with your team's available dates. The chatter has simply to click a date in the calendar to select it, then click the Pick a time button.

  • The chatter selects a timeslot from a list of available times for their chosen day.

  • Once they click Confirm, the meeting is set.

  • A confirmation email is sent to the chatter at the email address they provided.


Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at