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Temporarily store API tokens using the Token Vault app


The Token Vault App lets you store your API authentication tokens securely on the Ada dashboard. Tokens are retrieved to a Sensitive Variable. Sensitive Variable data is redacted in transcripts and does not appear in Ada’s logs. Ada also scrubs the Sensitive Variable every 24 hours for added security.

Configuring the Token Vault App

To use the Token Vault App, add at least one API token to the configuration window in the dashboard Settings view.

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations.

  2. In the App Integrations section, scroll to the Token Vault card, then click Connect. The Token Vault dialog box appears.

  3. In the Token Vault dialog box, in the 1st Token Value field, add your first API token.

  4. In the 1st Token Name field, add a name to identify the token.

  5. Repeat the process for any additional tokens, adding them to the remaining Token Value fields.


    You can store a maximum of 10 API tokens in the Token Vault.

  6. Click Save.


Using the Token Vault Block

Once you’ve added your API tokens to the Token Vault, setting up the block is a cinch. Add the Token Vault Block to the position in an Answer sequence when the token should be retrieved.

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Build > Answers, open an existing Answer or create a new one, then drag the Token Vault block into the Answer editor.

  2. In the Token Vault block, click the Save Response as Variables drop-down menu, then select a saved token from the list.

  3. Click the Choose a Variable drop-down menu to the right of the Token Name, then assign an existing variable or create a new one to save the token to.


    To secure your API token, select or create a Sensitive Variable to capture the token.

  4. Click the Fallback Answer drop-down menu, then select a fallback Answer to display should an error occur.

  5. At the bottom of the Answer editor, click Save.

Using the token variable

Now that you have a variable with your API token, you can use it to authorize an HTTP Request Block call to your secure API.

In the header field to the right of the Authorization header label, insert the variable containing the required API token.


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