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Transfer chatters to customer support using the Chat Transfer block


The Chat Transfer Block allows you to handoff a chatter from a conversation they are having with the Ada bot on the web, to one of your live agents in almost any live chat tool (ex. Kustomer, Genesys, Freshchat, Intercom, Helpshift, etc.) Establishing this chat handoff is facilitated using JavaScript that will need to be configured in your Ada Embed script by one of your developers.

Using the Chat Transfer Block

A Chat Transfer Block is added to an answer from the answers view in the same way all other blocks are added. Every time this block is provided in an answer flow it will call the custom_handoff callback function and handoff the chatter to the live agent.


Every time the Chat Transfer Block is provided to a chatter it will be counted as a handoff for reporting purposes.

We recommend capturing chatter info using Capture Block(s) before implementing the Chat Transfer Block, to ensure that information is captured and available to be sent to the Live Chat.

Developer Instructions

In order to use the Chat Transfer Block, a developer will need to configure the handoff to your live chat platform by defining the JavaScript custom_handoff event callback function. Below are some example handoff integrations for a few of the popular live chat tools. For each, the main code is defined as the custom_handoff callback and may also reference the custom properties used for the third-party apps.

It is important to note that there is limited default behaviour in how the Chat Transfer Block handoff will work, as it depends entirely on how configurable your live chat tool is. The Chat Transfer Block provides the potential for a lot of customizability, but only to the extent that your live chat tool’s infrastructure allows. For example, if you are able to, you may want to configure the handoff to go to a particular queue or conform to live chat operating hours.





Chat Transcript

As part of the integration with your live chat tool, Ada passes a chatter token, which is the key to the chat transcript. With this token you can build a link to a transcript, but what happens with it from there is dependent on your development team and the functionality of your live chat tool. Your development team will need to build the transcript URL, pull the transcript, and make it accessible within your live chat tool if the live chat tool is capable of accepting the transcript, as some are not.

Chatter Experience

When the chatter reaches the point in the flow where a Chat Transfer Block has been included in an answer, the Ada chatbot window will close and your live chat provider will launch to take over the conversation.

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