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View and restore previous versions of an Answer


Answer Versions tracks changes made to your bot. Each time you save the changes you make, Answer Versions creates a restore point, or Version, of your bot. You can review these Versions, and revert to a previous Version as necessary.

Answer Versions tracks the following changes:

  • Answer settings and content

  • Bot settings

  • Training

Create Answer Versions

New Versions of your bot are created automatically. When you save a change to an Answer, the Version Title form appears at the top right of the dashboard, below the clock icon.

  1. By default, the Version Title field remains visible for only a few seconds so as not to clutter the dashboard unnecessarily. To pin the Version Title form in place and edit it, click the form's input field. This also expands the form to include a Description input field.

  2. Add a Version title and description to the form. You can also edit the Version title and description later on, if you prefer.

  3. Click Save.


View Answer Versions

Builders can review all versions of an Answer in the Answer editor. To see these Versions:

  1. Go to Build > Answers, and select an Answer.

  2. At the top right corner of the dashboard, click the clock icon. This opens a drawer containing all Versions of that Answer.

  3. Click a Version to view it.

  4. To rename a Version title or description, point to a Version to reveal a vertical dots menu, then click the menu.

  5. To review your bot’s entire Version history, at the bottom of the Version drawer, click View Full Bot History.


    You can't edit the current Answer you're working on while the Answer Versions drawer is open. To edit the current Answer, close the drawer.

Restore a Previous Version

Answer Versions lets you restore the content, training, or settings of an Answer.

  1. While viewing an Answer Version, click the Restore Content drop-down menu.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select an Answer element to restore it to your chosen Version.

    Restore Content Blocks

    Reverts the Answer content to the selected Version.

    Restore Training

    Reverts the Answer training to the selected Version.

    Restore Answer Settings

    Reverts the Answer settings to the selected Version.

  3. To complete the reversion, at the bottom of the Answer, click Save.


    Be aware of possible training or variable conflicts created by a reversion. Answers won’t save if any conflicts exist.

Version History

Viewing the Answer Versions list in an Answer only shows the Versions of that particular Answer; however, you can view your bot's entire Version History. There are two ways to access this page:

  • At the bottom of the Answer Versions drawer, click View Full Bot History.


  • Go to Settings > Activity.


The Version History view shows you all Versions of your bot created by any activity. This includes Answer edits, as well as changes to bot settings. This view shows:

  • Version title and description.

  • The Answer associated with the Version (if applicable).

  • Who made the change, and when.

Other things you can do in the Version History view:

  • To view all Versions associated with a specific time period, click the date picker drop-down menu and select a date range.

  • To edit a Version's title and description, point to a Version to reveal a vertical dot menu, then click the menu.

  • To review a Version in greater detail, point to a Version to reveal the View button, then click the button. This takes you directly to the Answer and corresponding Version.

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