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Improve Answer training using chatter feedback


Reviews allow your bot to gather feedback from chatters and inform its training whenever it presents a reviewable Answer. To make an Answer reviewable, open the settings for any Answer and turn on the Reviewable toggle.

Note that this feedback is collected on a per-Answer basis, and is distinct from the Satisfaction Survey, which can only appear once per conversation.

Answer reviews are gathered in two ways:

Review by Button

After your customers ask your bot a question, they can review how satisfied they were with the Answer they got with two little buttons at the bottom of the Answer.


Review by Message

Your customers can also review Answers with a message back to your bot. Saying something like "That helped" or "Thank you" could trigger the "Positive Feedback" Answer which would do the same thing as pressing the Thumbs Up Button.


After Review

After a customer reviews an Answer, the training and satisfaction of that Answer will be affected.


When an Answer is reviewed positively, it will train the original question to that Answer. If the Answer is reviewed negatively, we will create a new Question in Questions.


When an Answer is reviewed positively, it will increase its satisfaction in Analytics. When a bots Answer is reviewed negatively, it will decrease the satisfaction. You can see the satisfaction for all your Answers in Analytics → Answers in the table under the Chart. This data can be used to inform which Answers need retraining or editing.

Follow Up

After a review has been made, you can have your corresponding feedback Answer be returned, but be aware that if a customer is scrolling through their history and reviewing previous Answers, it could be annoying to have Answers fire every time they review something. We recommend following up only for negatively reviewed Answers. You can change these settings in Settings → Answers.


  • Reviews cannot be cast by buttons when the bot is waiting for an Answer to a Capture.

  • Reviews cannot be cast by message when the Answer just before it is not reviewable.

  • Reviews cannot be made on Locked Answers because they don't benefit from satisfaction measurement or Auto Training.

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