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Customize your bot's generative content with Guidance


This feature is only available for bots that have generative content sourced from a knowledge base.

You can customize your bot's behavior by adding custom instructions, which are called pieces of Guidance, to your bot. Then, when your bot is sending messages to chatters, it takes your Guidance into account.

Understand how Guidance works

Guidance provides you with a lot of freedom to change how your bot speaks to your chatters! There are some hard limitations about the Guidance you add to your bot:

  • You can have up to 10 active pieces of Guidance in your bot. In addition to these active pieces of Guidance, you can also have drafts that you're working on.

  • Each piece of Guidance can be up to 200 characters long.

Additionally, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure that the guidance you add to your bot performs well:

  • Make sure your pieces of Guidance don't conflict with each other.

    For example, you could have two pieces of Guidance to tell chatters about both a spring and summer sale. If both of them are live at the same time, you can't guarantee that the correct piece of Guidance will apply when a chatter is talking with your bot.

Beyond these limitations, you can be as creative as you want!

Add a piece of Guidance to your bot

Here's how you can add a piece of Guidance to your bot:

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Guidance, then click Add Guidance. The Add Guidance page opens.

  2. Under Title, add a title for your new piece of Guidance.


    This title is just for your reference; your bot never sends it to the LLM.

  3. Under Instruction, add the new rule you want your bot to follow. You can use the buttons below the text box to start your instructions with an automatic prompt.

  4. To save your new piece of Guidance as a draft, click Save changes. If you save it as a draft, it won't affect your bot content until you publish it.

  5. To test your new piece of Guidance, click Test. A chat window opens, where you can type prompts and test whether the piece of Guidance returns the kinds of responses you want, even if it's still a draft.

    If you haven't saved your piece of Guidance yet, testing it saves it as a draft.

  6. To publish your piece of Guidance, click Publish. As soon as you do, your bot starts using your new rule in the responses it writes to chatters.

See the Guidance that factored into a conversation

On the Ada dashboard, when you go to Insights > Conversations, you can see transcripts of conversations that chatters have had with your bot. In the Details pane, under Guidance considered, you can see a list of Guidance that was active at the time of any given conversation, and use that information to fine-tune your Guidance. For more information, see Improve your bot's responses by viewing past conversations.

Edit or delete a piece of Guidance

After you or a colleague creates a piece of Guidance, you can go back to it so you can edit or delete it.

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Guidance.

  2. Click the piece of Guidance you want to manage. The Edit Guidance page opens.

  3. Make your required changes to the piece of Guidance.

    • You can edit the existing piece of Guidance and then click Save to update it and keep it active.

    • You can click Convert to draft to stop an active piece of Guidance from affecting chatter conversations, without deleting the piece of Guidance from your bot.

    • You can make changes to the piece of Guidance and then click Test to try it out in a conversation. Testing a piece of Guidance automatically saves it, but doesn't change whether it's a draft or active.

    • You can click the Delete button delete-guidance.png to permanently delete the piece of Guidance from your bot.

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