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Hand chatters off to a human agent

Handoffs occur when the user reaches a spot wherein the bot can no longer assist. In these cases the bot can hand off the user to a human agent who will finish helping them.

To see the number of handoffs, go to Measure > Overview on the Ada dashboard. To learn more about the Overview page, see Measure: Overview.

They can happen a few different ways which affects how they are counted. This table describes the different handoff methods.

Handoff Type


Link & Web Window blocks

User clicks a link that is presented to the user that leads to agent chat (note that "count as handoff" option must be enabled in that block)

Zendesk and Nuance Live Agent blocks (Ada Glass)

User enters the chat queue when automatically transferred

Email Handoff block

User triggers email with conversation and user details

Liveperson Handoff block

User enters the chat queue when automatically transferred

Zendesk (ticket) Handoff block

User triggers ticket creation with their email and conversation details

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