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Customize your bot's branding

Bot Customization Overview



  • Chatters can navigate the entire chat with a keyboard and/or screen reader.

  • Depending on your brand color, the chat will automatically adjust to ensure color contrast between elements on the page. Chat content will always have sufficient contrast.

Access Bot Branding Customization

To customize your bot, head to Settings > Bot Setup > Bot Customization.


The location of the bot customization settings may differ for you, depending on your version of the Ada dashboard. In place of a Bot Customization tab, you may find the General tab at the top of the Bot Setup view. In this case, the remaining three customization categories—Chat Window, Chat Button, and Fallback message—are found under Settings > Integrations > Ada Web Chat (Configure).

There are four categories you can customize: General, Chat window, Chat button, and Fallback Message.


General settings

  • Bot name – multilingual

  • Bot description – multilingual (optional)*

  • Predictive suggestions (optional)

  • Privacy Policy link (optional)

  • Enable sound by default

  • Chat Transcript – Optional settings that allow chatters to email chat transcripts or download them as text files.

* The bot description is a component that appears at the start of a new chat to help set the context. You can use this instead of adding text to the Greeting Answer. The component consists of the bot avatar, name, and short customizable description (max 80 characters). You can turn the bot description on/off in Bot Customization > General, but the feature will be on by default.


Chat Window settings

  • Brand color

  • Quick reply button orientation

  • Bot avatar

  • Agent avatar

Chat Button settings

  • Round button option

    • Icon

    • Color

    • Size

Fallback message settings

Icon and Message

Ada provides you with a default error icon and message for the rare technical issues that may arise with chat; however, you can customize the icon and message content as you see fit.

Button Label and URL

By default, there are no action buttons provided for chat errors; however, you can add links to alternate actions or resources if you wish. in the Button label field, simply enter the button text to display, and the URL that the button should open when clicked.

Advanced Branding Features

Custom header color

With advanced branding, you can customize a header color directly in the the dashboard, in Bot Customization > Chat Window. This is independent of the brand color used throughout the rest of the chat.


Chat button with custom text

A custom text button option with customizable color and text (max 18 characters) can be found in Bot Customization > Chat Button.

Configurable font sizes

You can choose between 3 font sizes:

  • Small (14px body font)

  • Standard (16px body font)

  • Large (17px body font)

Chat bubble styles

You can choose between 2 ways of styling the chat in Bot Customization > Chat Window.

  • Rounded corners

  • Rectangular corners

Theming (dark mode)

You can choose from the following settings in Bot Customization > Chat Window.

  • Light mode

  • Dark mode

  • Automatically default to user's device

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at