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Let chatters book meetings using the Calendly app


The Calendly App allows chatters to book meetings through your Calendly account from within your bot. Events are sent directly to your Calendar system, and confirmations are sent to the chatter. You must already have a Calendly account to use this app.


This feature may not be included with your organization's subscription package. For more information, see Ada's Pricing page, or contact your Ada team.

Configure the Calendly App

To configure the app:

  1. Go to and create a new account or log in.

  2. Follow the Getting Started Guide.

  3. Connect your calendar with Calendly.

Use the Calendly App

  1. In Calendly, create a new event or copy the link of an existing event. This link will be added as calendlyurl in the Calendly block configuration.

  2. Drag the Calendly app block into the Answer, where you would like your chatter to be able to to book a meeting.

  3. In the Calendly URL field, paste in your unique Calendly event link.

  4. In the Email Address field, add a variable that captures email addresses.

  5. In the Name field, add a variable that captures full names.

  6. Save Response As Variable—enter the following variable:

    • "submitted": A boolean (true/false) indicating whether the form has been submitted.

Chatter Experience

Here is what your chatters experience when they encounter the Calendly block:

  1. Chatters will be prompted with the Calendly interface.

  2. After selecting a date, they will be prompted to select a time.

  3. When the chatter clicks "Schedule Event", the meeting will be booked, and the chat will continue.

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at .