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Configure the Salesforce Live Agent block


Once you've configured your Ada Glass for Salesforce integration, you're ready to incorporate the Salesforce live chat handoff block into your Answers. Use the Ada Glass for Salesforce - Configuration guide for help configuring your Ada Glass for Salesforce integration.

To begin, create a new Answer and drag the Salesforce block into it. Then, in the Salesforce block, configure the following settings:

Add the Chat Button ID from Salesforce

In the Chat Button ID field, paste the chat button ID you copied earlier. For a refresher as to where to find the chat button ID, please see Ada Glass for Salesforce - Configuration.

Add an Off Hours Answer

In the Off Hours Answer field, select the Answer you would like the bot to provide if there are no live agents available to chat (i.e. there are no agents online or the queue is at its maximum capacity). This will likely be an Answer that creates an email support ticket on behalf of the chatter.

Advanced Settings

Click Advanced Settings to reveal the Live Chat Case Fields and the Live Chat Transcript Fields. These fields let you pass user information and transcript data to meet your Salesforce management needs.


When passing a chatter's name, note that Salesforce only populates the LastName custom field during the handoff process. As a result, you must ensure that you pass a LastName variable containing the chatter's last name, only.

To find the Field Name in Salesforce:

  1. In Salesforce, click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and select Setup from the menu.

  2. In the Quick Find search field at the top left hand menu, search for object manager. Once in the Object Manager page, in the Quick Find search in the top right, search for and click on Lookup Rollup Summary.

  3. In Object Manager, select Fields & Relationships.

  4. Search for the field you want to map the variable to.

  5. Copy the Field Name value and paste it into the Field Name field in the Salesforce Live Chat block.

Upon completion of the above steps, chatters who are provided with the Answer containing the Salesforce block will be transferred to the Omni-Channel queue to continue the conversation with a live agent.


The above instructions refer to the Salesforce Field Name. This is a different entity than the Salesforce Field Label.

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