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Attach chat summaries to handoff transcripts

Ada can automatically attach a summary of a chatter's conversation to a handoff transcript. This summary helps support agents quickly determine the reason for the escalation.

  • The feature examines the chatter’s messages and looks for key phrases that represent what the chatter is trying to ask or do.

  • The summary includes up to three chatter messages.

  • The summary appears after the last message of the transcript.

  • Summaries only consider the chatter’s text messages, and not button clicks or bot messages.

  • Summaries are available for English conversations only.


Transcript summaries are currently available for Zendesk Live Chat (Zopim and ZAW), Zendesk Ticketing, Salesforce Live Chat, and the Email Handoff block.


It is possible that the chatter’s intent can’t be determined. In this case, no summary is attached.

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