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Filter sensitive or unwanted content from Answer training

Question Filters

Under Settings > Bot Setup, there's a tab for Filters and Redactions. Activating these filters prevents the addition of questions to the Improve view if they contain any of the following:

  • Gibberish

  • A link

  • Profanity

  • Sensitive information (credit cards, SINs, SSNs, addresses)

The filters do not stop gibberish, links, profanity, or sensitive information from appearing in the chat and in the Conversations view on the Ada dashboard.

To learn more about analyzing past chat content, see Improve incomplete or overlapping Answer training and View past chatter conversations.

Special considerations for the sensitive information filter

When this filter is turned on, sensitive information is still visible in the chat interface and in the Conversations view of the dashboard. The data is also stored on Ada's database. If you would like sensitive information scrubbed out, read more about Redaction below.


PII Redactions provides a more thorough filter for sensitive data. In contrast to the Sensitive Information Filter, PII Redactions scrubs chatter information from the chat interface and dashboard. By extension, the sensitive information is not stored in the Ada database.

Credit cards

Redaction of credit card information is a mandatory filter. It is active by default in all bots, and can't be switched off.

Redacted credit card number in the chat interface:

Redacted credit card number in the Ada dashboard Conversations view:

Interaction between the sensitive information filter and redaction

If you have the Sensitive Information Filter toggled on as well as Redaction enabled, Redaction will override the filter. The original question will appear in the Improve view (if Unanswered/Not Helpful) but the sensitive information will be redacted. By extension, the sensitive information will not be stored in Ada's database.

Sensitive variable

For clients with personalization features enabled, you also have the option to utilize the Sensitive Variable, which can be used to handle sensitive customer information. Its value is always redacted in the Ada bot dashboard and is permanently deleted after 24 hours.

When creating Sensitive Variables in the answer editor, you select Availability > All Answers (Redacted), and saved sensitive variables are yellow in color.

For more information, see Temporarily store private information using sensitive variables.

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