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Hand chatters off to a human agent

Handoffs occur when the user reaches a spot wherein the bot can no longer assist. In these cases the bot can hand off the user to a human agent who will finish helping them.

To see the number of handoffs, go to Measure > Overview on the Ada dashboard. To learn more about the Overview page, see Get an overview on your bot's performance.

They can happen a few different ways which affects how they are counted. This table describes the different handoff methods:

Handoff TypeDescription
Link & Web Window blocksUser clicks a link that leads to agent chat (note that the "count as handoff" option must be enabled in that block)
Zendesk and Nuance Live Agent blocks (Ada Glass)User enters the chat queue when automatically transferred
Email Handoff blockUser triggers email with conversation and user details
Liveperson Handoff blockUser enters the chat queue when automatically transferred
Zendesk (ticket) Handoff blockUser triggers ticket creation with their email and conversation details

Configure your handoff in an Answer

Your bot comes with a pre-made Handoff to Support Answer, which contains a basic workflow to first gather information that the human agent might need, and then perform the actual handoff to the agent. Although it's a locked Answer, which means you can't delete it from your bot, you can customize its training and content so you can customize your bot's handoff experience. You can use it as a starting point for managing bot handoffs, or you can create another Answer instead.

To customize your bot's handoffs, do the following:

  1. On the Ada dashboard, go to Build > Answers, and either open your Handoff to Support Answer, or create a new Answer to use instead. Depending on your bot's folder structure, you may have to search for it to find it.

  2. Just like any other Answer in your bot, customize the Answer with:

    • Training (optional) - You have some options for how to direct chatters to this Answer. For example, you may want to have another Answer redirect to it so you can try one more time to see if the bot can address the chatter's issue. If that's the case, you can just use those redirects to get this Answer to chatters, and not add any training to it. If not, though, you can add training to the Handoff to Support Answer, like any other Answer.

    • Content - You can customize the messaging that chatters see before the handoff. For example, you can add Text blocks to set expectations with chatters and provide instructions.

    • Information gathering - You can use Capture blocks to save different pieces of chatter information in different variables. You might have to save variables with specific names to work with the handoff you're using.

  3. If you're using the Handoff to Support Answer, it comes premade with an Email Handoff block. Depending on the type of handoff you want to use, you can either configure that block with your support team's details, or delete it and replace it with a different type of handoff block. If you created an Answer, add the handoff block of your choice and configure it accordingly.

    For more information, including instructions for configuring specific handoff tools, see Integrate Ada with other tools.

  4. Click Save. Your bot saves your freshly configured handoff Answer.

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at .