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Proactive Campaigns transform your customer support from reactive to proactive. Solve issues before they become issues, creating an unparalleled customer experience.

Proactive Campaigns for web

For key pages on your website, think about common questions, issues, or requests that your customers might have. Then create a Campaign to proactively address those questions, issues, or requests.

There are two levels of Proactive Campaigns for web:


The types of campaigns you can make vary based on the subscription package your organization has. For more information, see Ada's Pricing page, or contact your Ada team.


  • Embed2 – Your integration must use Ada’s Embed2 script. If you’re still using Embed1, Proactive Campaigns won’t work.


    Looking for inspiration? Use the Embed Use Cases page for examples of Campaigns you may want to create.

  • Proactive Campaigns supports bots deployed on the web and mobile web. Campaigns currently don’t support mobile applications.

  • Custom CSS styling of the Ada widget could affect the appearance of your Campaigns.

Proactive Campaigns for SMS

Proactive SMS Campaigns empower you to meet your customers where they are. Use them to initiate personalized, timely two-way SMS conversations at scale—conversations that increase engagement, encourage action, reduce CAC, and boost conversion across the customer lifecycle. Learn more here: Start text conversations using proactive campaigns for SMS.


To use Proactive SMS Campaigns, your Ada integration must have access to the following features:

  • Ada’s SMS channel

  • A Twilio account

Have any questions? Contact your Ada team—or email us at .