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Determine browser compatibility

Use the following tables to determine which actions you can perform in which browser. For example, if you're using Firefox, you can use it to interact with Ada as a chatter, but you have to switch to either Chrome or Edge to log into your dashboard and manage your bot.

Ada Dashboard - Desktop

BrowserVersion Compatibility
Chrome75 and up
Edge79 and up
Internet ExplorerNo

Ada Chat - Desktop

BrowserVersion Compatibility
Chrome49 (functional), 55 (minimum)
Edge15 (minimum recommended)
Firefox22 (minimum recommended)
Internet Explorer10 (minimum recommended)
Safari5.1 (functional), 9.1 (minimum)

Ada Chat - Mobile

OSVersion Compatibility
Android2.2 on Samsung Galaxy S (Samsung Internet)
4.3 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Chrome)
iOS9 on iPhone 6S (minimum recommended)

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